Business Plans

Students of the TH Köln University who follow the lecture of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Daldrup can download from this site the scripts of the lecture. 

A selection of "Business Plans" an research projects presented by students  can serve as examples and can help students drafting their Business Plan.

(Please note, that the Business Plans presented by students can include minor mistakes or errors)


Business Plans presented by Students

WS 2022/23 Energy III
„Entwicklung eines Algorithmus zur Kalkulation sämtlicher direkter und indirekter Energiekosten eines Durchschnitthaushalts“
Report: download
Algoritm: download

Foto of the team: download
WS 2020/21 Entrepreneurship "BHOOMI - A ZERO WASTE SHOP IN MUMBAI, INDIA" - Bhoomi’ is a business that promotes sustainable consumption in Mumbai by providing daily products that will drive a change in people’s consumer behavior to minimize waste generated and hence promote a sustainable lifestyle. The sustainable goods include categories such as groceries, interior decoration, and other household goods used regularly by consumers. Bhoomi owns a physical store and works to make online sales via the website.(download)
    "Z-WAFE - Zero waste - affordable food for everyone" - This business is founded on the premise that around the world food waste is a major contributor to environmental degradation and at the same time is a missed opportunity for businesses within the food service sector. By facilitating businesses within this sector to repackage and repurpose food products that would otherwise go to waste they are helping both themselves and the planet. Additionally, businesses will grant themselves access into previously inaccessible markets based on reduced price points and their heightened appeal to sustainably minded consumers. (download)
    "ZOMORODIANSustainable HydroponicsProject in Mafraq city, Jordan" - Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution with or without the use of an inert medium to provide mechanical support. To produce a certain amount of barley fodder to fulfill a share of the market in Mafraq city, a national production using renewable energy technology and modern farming technologies is essential to ensure food security and lower the prices for better accessibility. The project targets, directly and indirectly, several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the long run. (download)
    Traumtänzer Festival - Business Proposal for an Electronic Music Festival in Munich. The main goal is to plan, organize and realize an electronic festival in Munich Bavaria in combination with the creation of a strong regional connection with the musicians, artists, designers, food and drinks. By selling tickets, drinks, food and merchandise a reasonable income should be generated.
    SunCool - Solar Micro Cold Storage System - SunCool Energy Pvt. Ltd that has developed a Solar Micro Cold Storage solution especially for agricultural communities as well as market infrastructure relevant in the food sector i.e. Mandis (Agri-produce Market). Assemble and Deliver efficient micro cold storage containers with solar PV system according to demand ranging from capacity 5 m³ tonne to 25 m³ with multiple variants by ensuring innovative product at affordable price for marginal farmers & various customer segments. (download)
WS 2019/20 Entrepreneurship Ajotel - A virtual startup company that connects travelers concerned for the environment with responsible eco-friendly accommodations (download)
    Brewegreen - “micro-brewery” in Mexico (download)
    Pet Café - A temporary home for rescued animals (download)
TEPHOSTAL - A Hotel and Environmental Education Center in Mexico (download)
    Youth4CARE - Mobile app and a website to connect the job seeker students and the seniors (download)
WS 2018/19 Entrepreneurship Automatic Composter Bokashi - Automatic home composter is a unit that transform home organic waste into useful fertilizer.  (download)
    NEXUS FARMS - Nexus Farms will bring the food-water-energy nexus concept into a physical urban environment and give customers the opportunity to support sustainable development and consumption in a local community setting  (download)
    Smart Boda GmbH - Electromobility services in Nairobi, Kenya   (download)
    Stadternte - Greenhouse design and construction company aiming to convert unused rooftops to the agricultural areas or gardens(download)
    SmartCollective UG - Big Data Processing (download)
    Wactu C&C - For the development of an Environmental Consultancy Agency   (download)
WS 2017/18 Entrepreneurship 2017 FFA Farming GbR - Small-scale Diversified Regenerative Farming. Ethical farming business concept aiming for triple-bottom line profitability. Embedded within a larger project frame of the Fair For All Project. Holding to enhance regional development and promote social justice.
    2017 Parking for Parks - Parking for Parks is in the first place a web and mobile application that serves as a platform for the exchange of available parking space between vehicle drivers and the respective owners of parking spots. Real estate owners or anyone in possession of accessible land can provide their parking space on the Parking for Parks-App.
    2017 - E-SavePlus - Electrification Business in Pakistan - E-Save plus provides an efficient, reliable and affordable solar energy solution to the people of Pakistan. • We offer clean sustainable energy to people having no access electricity, living in remote areas. • Our solar home system and all inclusive service provides a hassle free energy experience for households; and organizations and institutions
    2017 - Eco Resort Vietnam - The business presented here will focus on the design, construction and operation of an eco-resort in the Trà Vinh region in Vietnam.
    2017 - District Energy Supply - The present work aims to implement a business model for a solar-powered and heating network in the Niestetal in Germany
    2017 - Sustainble Settlements_Colectivo Terra Vita S. de R.L. - To become a leader consultancy company in Aguascalientes by offering new approaches to the design of sustainable settlements with focus on reducing construction costs through the concept of bio-construction and increasing energy, materials and water efficiency.
WS 2016/17 Entrepreneurship Cicerone Micro Brewery - Cicerone Brewery GmbH consists of a micro-brewery that produces craft beer of various types, adding the possibility for the interested to try dishes that go hand-in-hand with a specific beer type. Located in the city of Cologne, Cicerone Brewery GmbH targets beer lovers, culinary adventurers and the general crowd interested in a different free time experience download
WS 2015/16 Entrepreneurship DORMITORY FOR STUDENTS AND REFUGEES IN COLOGNE - In order to meet the demand for accommodation, construction of new housing units in Cologne is necessary. According to recent data, there are around 10.000 refugees staying in Cologne. Referring to the same data source, refugees are temporarily staying at different accommodation facilities such as hotels, prefabricated houses, containers, dormitories and provisional accommodation. Therefore this business plan is conducted in order to create alternative housing units to fit the demand (download)
2016 Business Administration SeYu Kizyme GmbH - Enzyme commodity for biogas production - Solutions for anaerobic digesters (download)
2016 Business Administration Radioactive Protection Engineering GmbH - The company is specialized on the measurements of Radon as well as the measurement of nuclear waste (decision measurement, also called clearance measurement according to the StrlSchV). The company has its own chemistry laboratory for the radiological characterization of samples as well as a mobile laboratory for on-site measurement at the customer. Its location in Jülich is very advantageous to serve the customers at the target market – northwest Germany. (download)
2016 Business Administration Pizza Palace for students in Jülich- We observed that there is no pizza restaurant situated near the campus in Jülich. The next ones are found downtown (about 20-30 min walk) and sell pizza at prices between 4 and 10 €. For students and staff of the university a pizza restaurant at the campus would be a fantastic alternative to eating in the canteen. (download)
2016 Business Administration Pohon Cemara Natal (Pomatal) - Christmas trees in Indonesia. The goal of the company is to sell Christmas trees in the surrounding of Jakarta in Indonesia. (download)
2015 Business Administration 1001 Nights Restaurant - The restaurant offers an authentic experience which will carry you to Turkey, India and Lebanon (download)
2015 Business Administration Big Balloons pvt ltd - Hot Air Balloon Ride in Maharashtra India (download)
2015 Business Administration Bio Bharat Ltd - Production of Biodiesel in India (download)
2015 Business Administration BIO-Tea Café “British corner”  (download)
2015 Business Administration Brasil Chocolates- Chocolate production in Brumadinho, MG - Brazil (download)
2015 Business Administration Cafe El Nino GmbH (download)
2015 Business Administration Delta Car Rental in Shanghai (download)
2015 Business Administration ECO Pure - availability of pure drinking water by providing a platform for consumer participation to reduce plastic consumption by recycling the plastics, Channai - India (download)
2015 Business Administration FAH Ltd - Producing electrical power from the waste of palm oil factory in North Sumatra, Indonesia - Power Plant capacity is 9.75 MW (download)
2015 Business Administration Flugschule Sophienhöhe GmbH (download)
2015 Business Administration Katzencafé-Pfötchen (download)
2015 Business Administration Milky Way Farms (download)
2015 Business Administration Paintball Experience Jülich (download)
2015 Business Administration Project Accumulator GmbH - The purpose of the company is to trade with a 12 MWh electrical power (download)
2015 Business Administration Redox-Flow-Batteries (download)
2015 Business Administration Restaurant Vita Natura - vegetarian vegan restaurant (download)
2015 Business Administration Green Arabica Coffee Bean - Specialty Coffee Import Green Arabica Beans from Honduras (download)
2015 Business Administration Zhenwu Electric Furnace (Germany) GmbH - An electric furnace is a furnace that runs using electricity as its main power source to smelt metal (download)
2014 Business Administration Coastwoods Farming - Supply of harvested Casuarina Wood as a raw material for pulp to Paper Mill industry (download)
2014 Business Administration Energi Saben - Energy Auditing Company in Indonesia (download)
2014 Business Administration LRG Bioheat GmbH - Providing heat with a biogas plant (download)
2014 Business Administration Magenta Dance Academy in Aachen (download)
2014 Business Administration Mia and Luca - Create a new brand of toys and do the patent for it (download)
2014 Business Administration MRT Laboratory - MRT-Magnetic resonance tomography scanning (download)
2014 Business Administration P&G Magic Whisky - Production of Whisky in Juelich (download)
2014 Business Administration PSE Analytics GmbH - Build up the lab and the office as functional laboratory to analyze polymer sampels (download)
2014 Business Administration Student Cafe in Juelich (download)
2014 Business Administration Tapping Sun Pvt Ltd - Construct a 1MW solar PV power plant spanning the Narmada Canal to simultaneously generate power and save water from evaporation in a region plagued by extreme heat and dry conditions with no land needed (download)
2014 Business Administration TDC-Tech GmbH & KGaA -The Foil experts (download)
2014 Business Administration Termoelectric Power Plant Setúbal - Transform Thermoelectric Power Plant into a Industrial Museum and redesign its surroudings in Portugal (download)
2013 Business Administration AgroSolar Ltd - replacing the convention irrigation means of agricultural system depending on diesel and electricity, with renewable means of solar pumping system in Bangladesh (download)
2013 Business Administration Alpalivia - NGO - To support Bolivian women by increasing their income by selling their products made from alpaca fibre (download)
2013 Business Administration BoP Bio ohne Verpackung - Supermarktkonzept (download)
2013 Business Administration Electrical Filling Stations EFS GmbH - Electricity for e-mobiles in Hamburg (download)
2013 Business Administration Empamate Restaurant - Restaurant-café guided by food, drinks, music, dance and the language from Latin American countries (download)
2013 Business Administration GainStorm Media Ltd., St. Julians, Malta - Create a product to relieve hangovers - Developing of the three beverage powders (download)
2013 Business Administration Gründung einer Physiotherapie-Praxis “Physiotherapie SSA” (download)
2013 Business Administration Liquid Express UG (haftungsbeschränkt) - Delivering drings during the week.ends (download)
2013 Business Administration Magic of Amman Ice Rink - Amman and Jordan’s first ice skating (download)
2013 Business Administration Mohinga - Asian Food Shop in Stadtgarten Christmas Market, Cologne (download)
2013 Business Administration Organic Compost Mix GmbHa - To re-use wasted food (download)
2013 Business Administration PetApp - The business idea is an App for Pet owners • It is a social network to meet other surrounding Pet owners (download)
2013 Business Administration Photovoltaic on Cologne Trade fair - Installation of a photovoltaic plant on “hall 8” of the Cologne Trade Fair (download)
2013 Business Administration REnergy-Roof - Using of free roofing areas from public schools and gyms to build PV-Systems (download)
2013 Business Administration SIM Coffee Co. Limited - Produce 350 tons of organic coffee in Kathmandu Nepal (download)
2013 Business Administration Ventus Moneta Ltd. Wind Farm in North Germany (download)
2013 Business Administration Waste Management in Nepal (download)
2013 Business Administration Your WG UG - Coaching Services for Foreign Students to find a WG (download)
2012 Business Administration Aixstrip - to creat a Stripclub Tabledancebar (download)
2012 Business Administration Arkhangelsk generating company – Power Plant for electricity Production in Arkhangelsk, the Russian Federation (download)
2012 Business Administration Caesar und Cleopatra – Production of hand made soap (download)
2012 Business Administration CUPCAKE-FACTORY GmbH in Aachen (download)
2012 Business Administration Das Muckelige - Ein Café für jeden Anlass in Luxemburg (download)
2012 Business Administration Dog-Sharing GmbH - Dog-Sharing provides an intermediation service between dog (download)
2012 Business Administration Dosicounts GmbH – measuring radiation (download)
2012 Business Administration Euskirchen Hornets - Gründung eines Rugby Sportverein  (download)
2012 Business Administration Fast Food Restaurant in Köln (download)
2012 Business Administration Green Side Restaurant - another kind of fast food avoiding junk food could be more appropriate and meet the new needs of people (download)
2012 Business Administration Headrush - Producing and selling a CD of the newcomer band Headrush with the album „A Little Excitement“  (download)
2012 Business Administration HIDE - Sport Bar (download)
2012 Business Administration IRIS - nail polish available and interesting for more women (download)
2012 Business Administration Making Power Supply Transition Possible – Power Storage from Solar Cells (download)
2012 Business Administration MoDKa Electronic book library - Electronic library – stationary and rentable in Cameroon (download)
2012 Business Administration MUSICAL REHEARSAL STUDIO - We will offer a studio where you don’t have to bring instruments in Juelich (download)
2012 Business Administration Open air restaurant - in New Delhi (download)
2012 Business Administration Pan de Cafe - Concept of a bakery-coffee shop in Mexico (download)
2012 Business Administration Polylights GmbH - to produce and sell design lamps (download)
2012 Business Administration Rene oHG - Consultancy services and Training  (download)
2012 Business Administration Rent a Tray (download)
2012 Business Administration Salt and pepper GmbH -Cookery courses for everybody (download)
2012 Business Administration Servicepack - Your Computer Speciality Store (download)
2012 Business Administration Wind Power Ltd - Purchase of a 2,3 MW Wind turbine (download)
2012 Business Administration WOHOO Cinema GmbH - Open-Air Cinema moving Through Germany (download)
2012 Business Administration World of Bowl - Bowling Club with 12 Bowlinglanes in Juelich  (download)
2012 Business Administration Pistacchio Production in Iran (download)
2012 Business Administration Compressed Air Maintenance Center (download)
2012 Business Administration Biodiesel Company in Colombia (download)
2012 Business Administration Wind Power Ltd (download)
2012 Business Administration Gohar spiral steel pipe company (download)
2012 Business Administration FO Housing GmbH- Student dormitory „rübenhügel  (download)
2012 Business Administration Making Power Supply Transition Possible (download)
2012 Business Administration The Rolling Corner Shop (download)
2012 Business Administration KLS Aviation - Recreational activity and competitive air sport (download)
2012 Business Administration Darling at Home - Pet shop in China (download)
2012 Business Administration Arab Spring Consultancy ASC - Creating Leadership in the governance sector in the Arab World (download)
2012 Business Administration H&H Xero-scape - Landscape office and plant nursery for the water wise plants in Amman - Jordan (download)
2012 Business Administration Hydropower plant Disi Aqaba - Construction of a medium scale hydropower plant (60 MW) along the Disi-Aqaba main water pipe line (download)
2012 Business Administration kWh Disco - Dance for Energy – A Piezoelectric Dance Floor producing electrical energy (download)
2012 Business Administration SHE Magazine - issuing a new social magazine (download)
2012 Business Administration Smart Water Saver (SWS) - device made of elastic PVC or Poly ethylene to be installed in the heads of taps to reduce the water flow (download)
2012 Business Administration SPPPI - Solar Power Parking Partnership International ltd - Build carports with photovoltaic plants (download)
2011 Business Administration PHEONIX ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED - Prefabricated Green Homes (download)
2011 Business Administration AJA Einkauf OHG (download)
2011 Business Administration Yogic Healer-The Yoga Center in Duesseldorf (download)
2011 Business Administration Homa Travel Agency - Homa agency offers sightseeing package tours to Iran (download)
2011 Business Administration Solarfield AG - Constructing solar farms in southern Germany (download)
2011 Business Administration Pick&Drive KG - Pick & Drive KG is a online foodstuff supermarket (download)
2011 Business Administration Nirala -Ice-Cream_Paradise - in Pakistan (download)
2011 Business Administration Belenos Energy GmbH - The company runs a 5 MW power plant with 50 small Block-Type Thermal Power Stations (BHKW) (download)
2011 Business Administration Demografia eV - Mobility service for elderly people in in the state of Saarland (download)
2011 Business Administration Karaoke Bar in Juelich (download)
2011 Business Administration Green Car Sharing - Car Sharing using Plug-in Hybrid Cars in Campus Juelich (download)
2011 Business Administration Go Clean Auto Car Wash - in India (download)
2011 Business Administration Vertical Axis Wind Turbines + Advertising - in Chile (download)
2011 Business Administration SolarICE GmbH - Solar Absorption Air-Conditioning for a Football Stadium in Qatar (download)
2011 Business Administration O sole mio solar ltd - To import PV systems from USA to sell it in Mexico (download)
2011 Business Administration Stevia Plantation in Ukraine (download)
2011 Business Administration SU Bar - The first Student bar in Juelich (download)
2011 Business Administration Franchizing company - Windows cleaning (download)
2011 Business Administration BECARE - Battery Electric Emission_free_mobility (download)
BECARE_Presentation (download)
2011 Business Administration Brot&Zeit - Students restaurant in Aachen (download)
2011 Business Administration Compost production from palm leaves (download)
2011 Business Administration Drink’n Drive - Mobile Refreshment Service (download)
2011 Business Administration Ferical Gmbh - Compact Floor Heating (download)
2011 Business Administration Hair & Beauty Center in Amman-Jordan (download)
2011 Business Administration Om Yoga Center (download)
2011 Business Administration Paper recycling factory - in Damascus-Syria (download)
2011 Business Administration Shallow Geothermal Energy (download)
2011 Business Administration SHEBA KINGDOM HALL - Weddings Hall in Sanaa - Yemen (download)
2011 Business Administration Solar Panels for Jordan (download)
2011 Business Administration Solar Travels Ltd - Space disposal of radioactive waste (download)
2011 Business Administration Store it - The self store Life space Company (download)
2011 Business Administration tamyca - take my car - innovative car rental (download)
tamyca - Power Point Presentation (download)
2011 Business Administration Dog Sharing UG  (download)
2011 Business Administration Xtrees de - Online selling of Xtreespdf (download)
2009 Business Administration Blue Arrow eV - Sky Diving (download)
2009 Business Administration
ARCHMEDES Ltd - A Renewable Energy Power Company for Greece (download)
2008 Business Administration YOVIMAR Bar (download)
2008 Business Administration BUNA Coffee Bar (download)
2008 Business Administration Restaurant Creperie ARLOHARE (download)
2008 Business Administration Safari Travel GmbH (download)
2008 Business Administration Motacu Touch S.R.L. - Production of Motacu Oil in Bolivia (download)
2008 Business Administration Going Green GmbH - Consulting and planning towards the future… (download)
2008 Business Administration NUSANTARA-adventure TRAVEL GmbH - Nusantara-Adventure Travel (NAT) is a full service travel agency for Indonesia (download)
NUSANTARA-adventure TRAVEL GmbH - Nusantara-Adventure Travel (NAT) is a full service travel agency for Indonesia - Power Point (download)
2007 Business Administration Biogas Technology GmbH - producing biogas from waste products bought from farms (download)
2005 Business Administration Restaurant 12 Gods  (download)
2005 Business Administration JEP Consulting (download)
2005 Business Administration LavoMate - Self Service Laundry Shop (download)
2007 Business Administration Student Housing Cologne report (download)
Student_housing in Cologne - Presentation (download)
2006 Business Administration Chiesa GmbH - Event Restaurant (download)
2006 Business Administration MADIMBO Nightclub - The Prime Venue in Douala - Cameroon (download)
2006 Business Administration Privilege - A Night Club for Jülich (report) (download)
2006 Business Administration 3 Heads GmbH - Planung von Bauprojekten (download)
3 Heads GmbH - Planung von Bauprojekten Vertrag (download)
2006 Business Administration Biogasanlage - Biogasanlage kombiniert mit einem Blockheizkraftwerk zur Erzeugung von Strom (download)
2006 Business Administration Event-Restaurant „Chiesa“ (download)
2005 Business Administration

Indo-Sierra Furniture & Interior Design Services Limited, GmbH (download)

2005 Business Administration Starbooks - Coffes Shop plus book store (download)University/2005/Starbooks - Coffes Shop plus book store.pdf
2005 Business Administration Tropical Backpacker Hotel in Cologne - Presentation (download)
Tropical Backpacker Hotel in Cologne - Report  (download)
2006 Business Administration YTC-Facility Management GmbH - Consulting company specialized in Facility Management in Cologne (download)
2003 Business Administration Sauerländer Tannenwunder GmbH - Production of Christmas trees (download)
Articles of association (download)
2003 Business Administration Friseursalon (download)
Articles of Association UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Articles of Association by Vattenfall (GmbH with Supervisory board)
Venture Funds
Employment contract
Valuation by Blue Tree Group